Scout Law - All Your Call

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im in this hole been working every day ten hours takes away all the fun there could be no its not just nine to five its hard just getting by in this world today every day i wake up bitching cause i didnt get enough sleep and i wonder why had troubles the night before with the box spring on the floor i need a better place to sleep why does it seem like every night i toss and i turn with all this shit on my mind wont leave me the fuck alone i guess ill never learn i need a vacation seems like i drink all the time thank god for alcohol how else could i forget all this shit times runnin by me so fat dont know what to do with life i cant really live like this try to do what makes me happy try to make life easy but here comes the man as fast as he can i guess it sucks yeah but if i think about it its keeping me busy what else would i do fuck everything that controls you show them your finger cause you only live once you only have one to live take your life in your hand take it and fuck the man cause you only live once my wages dont pay i cant wait till saturday my check is on the way today is my last day
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June 29, 1999