Puget Sound Collapse

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this was my foot on the gas as the Puget Sound collapsed this was my heart screaming wait as i slammed onto the breaks these are the faces on the street of everyone you'd like to meet that hide the voices in your head of things you wish you could forget this was my walk through central park a bottle shielding me from my heart all the struggles i could never see had started growing and rotting in me with all that i've done wrong i hope you never hear this song because i think i could have changed the paths of our lives if i'd had the balls to act all that time ago but what do i know? i can't hang on to the past, i need humility all i can do is try to clean my side of the street i can't be her dark horse and now i know why you couldn't be mine all this pain had left me frozen in time trains just rattle through a park that you never knew ships still come to dock on that pier where you made me talk It took some time for me to grow up to know how to really love i found someone who makes me laugh i’m ready to leave this all in the past these are my feet on the ground because the Puget Sound is still around and i'm not bound to all this pain i've been carrying around
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November 22, 2017