i'm not ignoring you, there's really no one home.

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ive forgotten how to bleed this blood only knows how to clot it should flow but its not so im just listening patiently in hopes to decipher each word theres a hidden message im sure in this whispering voice... ive forgotten how to breathe but dont be scared its only symbolic air and im tired of sifting for meaning so im huddling here in my room cradling fears of doom and the phone just rings, it rings and rings all day the buzzer broke, but they're knocking on the windows St. Peter's on the phone, he wants to take me home but im not ready for the credits to roll St Peter's at the door... ive forgotten how to speak it all comes in stutters and slurs, self directed whispers so im finally learning how to sleep with the help of this natural gas until a spark lights it at last ive forgotten how to think... blink... see... dream these eyes are going to dry out
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September 26, 2007