Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

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a cracked and dirtied window pane a broken door in a rotting frame i was living in this house in a hurricane the plaster cracked and the ceiling caved i watched the walls get torn away sipping my drink like nothing had changed watching the water slowly invade waiting for it all to mean something will a new plague come and wipe this out? will an ice age finally come to town? will california fall into the sea? will the waves come to take me? i’ve driven through storms and i've driven through rain no matter where i run i’m there with my brain i can’t find peace if i don’t embrace change i can’t believe if i don’t learn to pray the wreckage of a life spread far and wide even though red flags turned to white i can’t be hurt if i wont be brave i won’t take risks and i won’t have faith and what if this is meaningless? what if there's no god to hear my prayers? am I just some fool on my knees? begging for some cheap relief? what if all of my doubts hold true? what if I slip? What if I lose you? am I strong enough to change? am I lost enough to just obey? they say to balance fear with faith they say these men were united by fate they tell me that i can't avoid pain it’s the only way to change will an h bomb finally wipe us out? will a tidal wave embrace and drown? will London sink under rising seas? will the waves come to take me?
bass by Jamie Carter
All rights reserved
Release date:  
November 22, 2017