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Discontinuity would like to thank (in no order):
Our families, JoMarie, Lindsay R, Nate R, Jess V, Jared B,
Nate B, Dave <p>...er....S, er...Hammy, Besto, Jesto,
Eric S, Mark N, Myklj, Sean K, Lauraj, Tom G, Brian B,
Josh W, Dave P, Paul Buddha, Brent N, Lizzes,
Cesto, Dave Fishel (cover photography), Steve,
Motion City Soundtrack, friends and enemies
of <p>, The Studio Academy, Hunger Bloc, Sheol,
Relative, Suffocate System, ONP, Sheryl, Kasey,
Jimmy L, Amp 176, Dinner With Gregg, Star P,
Now I leave my house through the window, Ben
Rans..umm, nevermind, Will Fish, all the people
who've let Marvin use their Bass equipment,
Brian M for all the Drumsticks, Purebred Mutt,
Rubickx Cube and the 5% Revolution, Lava, the
infamous and never dying <P>iltdown, Sinder, kat,
all the bands we've been lucky enough to play
with, everyone who's inspired us, and anyone
who's ever come to a show and cared. . .Thanks.

Release date:  
December 16, 2000