Dinner With Gregg - Song is Round

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Dinner With Gregg (genesis of members of Aero Flynn, Field Report, Peter Wolf Crier, Laarks, Shouting Matches) has gone through trials and tribulations in the studio and in the real world since their last release -- but a year and two studio albums later, here they are with a song is round. This new record by the band shows amazing progress in their songwriting and their unity as a band. They've delved further into the styles that they touched on in thier first album... the result is tighter, more rockin, but at the same time more folky and from the heart. The album guest stars pianist and singer, Mary Jordan Wood on two tracks. All in all, one of the best records to come out of Rochester ever and its price is nothing more than you would expect from Last Minute -- only $5 PPD. Check it out.

Release date:  
March 14, 2001